The Dangers of a Poorly Maintained Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning systems are the most effective way to control the temperatures in homes as well as workplaces alike. These units can help in maintaining a temperature that is healthy, safe and extremely comfortable. As long as you properly maintain your air conditioning unit, the advantages that it can give you are completely risk-free. On the other hand, if you neglect some precautions, it is also possible that your air conditioning system could become a hazard. When it is properly used and maintained, you air conditioning system can be able to retain its safe in a wide majority of cases. 

Air Conditioning System 

Possible Dangers of Not Regularly Maintained Air Conditioning Unit 

Poor maintenance of your air conditioning system can eventually lead to dangerous health problems that are being carried by the air circulating in your room. As air conditioning systems are a highly effective way when it comes to circulating air throughout a certain space, this can unfortunately mean that these hazards are independently spreading throughout your entire workplace, home or room. 

Contaminants and pollutants in your air conditioning units can actually cause, contribute to, or ever exacerbate a wide number of different health related issues and these include sinusitis, allergies and asthma. These problems are usually down to the air conditioning unit’s poor cleaning and maintenance, leading to extreme dirt, dust, as well as other small allergenic particles and pollutants that are being carried around the space through air that are circulating in the room from you air conditioning unit. 

When fungi, viruses or bacteria such as molds get into the system of your air conditioning unit, the dangers can become even more severe. As a matter of fact, a wide number of illnesses can be a result of poor maintenance of your air conditioning unit that can lead to micro-organisms and contaminants being circulated with an otherwise fresh air.  

The most popular disease that can probably be spread by a dirty air conditioning unit is Legionnaire’s disease. This disease is usually caused by legionella bacteria that live in water. Legionella bacteria are generally common but are often found in small numbers and known to be harmless. However, when it enters the system of your air conditioning unit and is left unattended for a long period of time, it can gradually grow and multiply.  

Contaminated water droplets can then be distributed by your air conditioning unit, which can result in the spreading of Legionnaire’s disease throughout your house or building. The Legionnaire’s disease can actually result to flu like systems and can also be fatal for otherwise healthy individuals in about 10 to 15 percent of cases. This is the reason why it is very important to clean and maintain your air conditioning unit in the most proper and regular manner. 

Avoiding These Problems 

The most ideal way to make sure that you avoid these dirty air conditioning unit dangers is to make sure your air conditioning unit is properly maintained, kept clean, as well as regularly checked. Regular cleaning of your air conditioning unit especially around outlets and intakes is all that it takes in order to avoid certain problems that are relating to asthma or allergy. Outlets and intakes are not only the easiest areas to clean and to reach, but also certain areas where other allergens and dust tend to accumulate the most. A more professional and thorough cleaning is needed every now and then to make sure that your air conditioning system will not put you and your family member’s health in danger.  In addition to that, simply keeping an eye on the build-up of dust will certainly go a long way in averting the hazards. 

Regular cleaning, checking and maintenance are also the best ways to avoid spreading any illness-causing bacteria. This will also make sure that disease-causing agents and contaminants like micro-organisms and mods do not get the opportunity to breed or build up to a high level before they are being cleaned out. Aside from that, it is also strongly recommended that your air conditioning unit is professionally checked, serviced and cleaned at least once to twice a year.  

In general, the best practice is to have you air conditioning unit serviced in early spring as well as heating systems inspected at the start of autumn. It means that all your HVAC systems at home should be regularly and professional serviced and checked before particular seasons when they will be used heavily in order to make sure that are working great beforehand. This is also particularly important since they might have had a long period of low usage or inactivity, which can also provide a chance for contaminants and pollutants to build up, as well as bacteria to multiply.  

In addition to that, whenever you need repair or installation of an air conditioning unit, always make sure that you only hire professional air conditioning installation service such as new ac New Port Richey so you stay worry free knowing that you property is in the hands of professionals. 

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